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Started by two option traders exactly in the days and months Lehman unraveled, DealCurry was originally conceived as a community source for generally opaque dealscape. Focus being on India.

DealCurry has since evolved into a vertical social network based business analytics platform in multimedia format. We track the financial and corporate markets for events, interpret and integrate the information in our platform and provide a device and network independent cloud based solution.

DealCurry.com - with it's suite of products - DataBoard, Startup and PitchBoard along with Mobile/Tab Apps binds the community into marketplace.

Our integrated research product, is all one should need to track, prospect and prepare quick pitches for the whole range of transaction markets in India.

The value of the platform is derived from interconnected information to create a background to every transaction and generating forward looking intelligence of trends and specific deals possible. The emphasis is generating actionable information.

All the while we are doing what we’re doing, our philosophy remains – talking straight and doing what we love.