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Mergers & Acquisitions | 27 March 2012

Mitsubishi Pencils Acquires 13.5% In Linc Pens For R20Cr

by Irfan Khan
Linc Pen & Plastics has announced that Mitsubishi Pencil Co Ltd is investing R20Cr in the company as a part of it's Business and Capital Alliance Agreement. This transaction will give Mitsubishi a 13.5% stake in the stationary products manufacturer.

Linc Pen & Plastics is issuing 2 million shares at a price of R100 each, which translates to a premium of 110% on it's closing price of R47.55 on March 27. This deal values Linc Pens at R148Cr i.e 13.2x trailing 12-months EBITDA and 49x its net profit.

According to a press release on BSE, the objective of the partnership is to improve Mitsubishi Pencil's presence and the Uni / Uniball brand growth in India by employing Linc Pen's sales, marketing and growth capabilities and Mitsubishi's product development and writing instrument technology prowess.

Nirvana Venture Advisors Acquires 10% In Games2Win

Nirvana Venture Advisors has acquired 10% stake in online gaming company - Games2Win from it's early stage investors - Nexus Venture Partners and ICICI Ventures. Some senior employees of the company have also sold some shares to the new investor.


Matrix Partners Part Exits Muthoot Finance

Matrix Partners India LLC has sold a major part of its investment in gold loan company Muthoot Finance Limited for a consideration of INR 836.9 Mn in the open market. The firm sold 4.85 Mn shares amounting to 1.22% stake in the company at a unit price of INR 172.53. Also Government of Singapore picked up 0.87% stake for INR 603.5 Mn.

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