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Featured | 1 September 2011

India Port Global's Globalization Not To Be Beyond Sri Lanka

by Kaushal Trivedi
India Port Global's Globalization Not To Be Beyond Sri Lanka
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India plans 'India Port Global' – say, kind of a DP World clone. The effort is supposedly Indian effort to capture ‘Strategic’ resources, like Chinese efforts.

As usual, the difference is only scale. Won’t write much – Here’s just ONE piece, of a systematic study one can carry out to figure out how far ahead Chinese Military Industrial Complex is.

An excerpt to discourage 'India Port Global' non-starter.

Hutchison-Whampoa, Hutchison Port Holding (HPH). HPH is a huge, multibillion-dollar company which has set up operations in ports all around the world. From Panama to the Philippines, an arm of Hutchison-Whampoa, Hutchison Port Holding (HPH), has become the world’s largest seaport operator, embedding itself in strategic seaports all across the globe. In fact now Hutchison holds the exclusive contract to operate the Panama Canal.

Hutchison-Whampoa has spread everywhere. It has a base in Tanzania where it runs Tanzania International Terminal Services Ltd. In the Western Hemisphere it has seaport services in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Freeport, the Bahamas; Veracruz, Mexico; and at both ends of the Panama Canal. HPH’s latest acquisition involved taking over eight Philippine ports. New ports in Mexico, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Tanzania and Thailand make Hutchision-Whampoa the world’s largest private port operator with 23 cargo berths, bringing its worldwide total of ports to a staggering 136 Other ports include Jakarta, Indonesia; Karachi, Pakistan; Burma; China; and Malaysia. There are port operations in Britain at Harwich, Felixstowe (Britain’s largest port), and Thamesport, and in the Netherlands at Rotterdam. The company is bidding to set up in South Korea’s largest port, Pusan, and is already in Kwangyang, another South Korean port.

According to a US government report "The Panama Ports Company is 10 percent owned by China Resources Enterprise [CRE], which is the commercial arm of China's Ministry of Trade and Economic Co-operation. In its investigation into China's attempts to influence the 1996 U.S. presidential campaign, the U.S. Senate Government Affairs Committee identified CRE as a conduit for espionage - economic, political and military - for China. Committee Chairman Senator Fred Thompson said that CRE has a geopolitical purposes. Kind of like a smiling tiger; it might look friendly, but it's very dangerous.

The company is headed by a Li Ka-Shing, the chairman of Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. Intelligence sources say he has deep connections with the Chinese Communist government. According to that report "Li has invested more than a billion dollars in China and owns most of the dock space in Hong Kong. In an exclusive deal with the People's Republic of China's communist government, Li has the right of first refusal over all PRC ports south of the Yangtze river, which involves a close working relationship with the Chinese military and businesses controlled by the People's Liberation Army.


SEBI Instructs Payout Hold on Bodal Faux-Fax Fraud

SEBI Instructs Payout Hold on Bodal Faux-Fax Fraud

Continuing with the hillarious Faux-Fax Bodal Chemical episode - SEBI announces -hold the profits and track them all.


UTI Ventures Divests its Shares in Ascent Capital

UTI Ventures Divests its Shares in Ascent Capital

UTI Ventures Funds Management Company Private Limited, the private equity investment subsidiary of UTI Asset Management Co Pvt Ltd, has sold its stake in Ascent Capital Pvt Ltd to the management of the firm, which is headed by Raja Kumar.

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